Use personal cloud to create the database for sensor

Hey I am interfacing wireless sensor with raspberry pi I need to know that while making personal cloud what tools are available to manage, design and create the mentioned points :

  • I want to create the application which connect to my personal cloud and share the temperature readings.
  • Want to manage the database through the my cloud and as create backup by linking my cloud to other internet cloud
  • Design a dashboard with bar graph which share the live temperature readings also store the back up of live data in spreadsheets using external hard-drive connected to raspberry pi for creating a cloud
  • Send warning notification Via email or SMS through cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP services

Please suggest the best ways for this process your intel will be very helpful.

This is not really an ownCloud question, isn’t it?

Apologies if something is not correct, my main aim is to make the private cloud which manage the database system and create a dash boards.

I am beginner and trying to make personal cloud for my home

I was able to make personal cloud with external hard-drive using video tutorial

So I am looking for some development tools which is easy to integrate with OwnCload to create what I want

Or is it actually possible to make this using by using own cloud?

Exactly. You are looking for tools for ownCloud, not tools in ownCloud

Not that I know of. Your goal is to gather external information and store it in ownCloud.

Storing it is no problem, for gathering you need external tools.

I think you want to check out this app as a starting point:

Hey @hodyroff

I am looking something similar to this is there any documentations to use sensor logger with raspberry pi ? And Is it possible to design dashboard according to our own sufficiency using this ?

Don’t see something in the way to run it on Rasperry Pi. Best would be to chat with the developer about dashboard, etc. Happy I could help!