User backend OC_User_IMAP not found


First post

I have just upgraded OwnCloud from version 10.2 to version 10.3 and have run the occ upgrade command without any problems.

I use IMAP to authenticate my users and after the upgrade I have a lot of “User backend OC_User_IMAP not found” errors. Nothing has changed in the config.php file.

The user_external app is enabled and I have tried to disable it and then enable it again, without any success

Any help is appreciated

By the way. Some information on my system:
Fedora 30 (fully updated)
PHP 7.3.10
MariaDB 10.3.17


if such issues appears after an upgrade i would personally report these to a bugtracker rather then to a user based support forum. It seems the bugtracker for that specific app is available at:

Same issue here. I took the latest code from github and now it works again.


it seems this was no reported by someone to the development team at

with an bugfix in:

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