User can't edit a file on Ipad

Hello, ownCloud Team.

We’ve a client that is facing a problem in which they can’t edit and update the files directly on the ownCloud app for Ipad, an use case similar to the Google Drive app, but the users to follow all this steps in order to properly edit and update a single file:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Download the file
  2. Open it with an external app (Docs, Word, Excel, etc)
  3. Edit the file with the external app
  4. Save it
  5. Upload the new file with the OwnCloud app

Expected behaviour

The user is expecting to edit and update the file using ownCloud only, avoiding the use of external apps

Actual behaviour

The user is not able to perform basic task with the ownCloud app.

Server configuration

Webserver: Apache (httpd)

Database: PostgreSQL (AWS RDS)

PHP versión: 7.2

ownCloud: Latest version (creo)

Storage: AWS EFS

There’s a way in which an end user can update their files using ownCloud app only?

Open Docs, Word, Excel, etc first, and access ownCloud data via the FileProvider integration. Changes are saved back to the original location in your ownCloud.


All rigth, thank you for your reply @michaelstingl I didn’t know about those steps.

Hello, @michaelstingl

Our client is saying that using the default file editor that the iPad has, the app isn’t allowed to access the files that OwnCloud have in it.

The client is also asking if the FileProvider app is mandatory to use the OwnCloud app for iPad.

Could you post the exact steps to reproduce, maybe add screenshots?

Hello, @michaelstingl

Sure, I’ll ask to my client that information and the screenshots and I’ll post them here the soon as possible.