User container swift with owncloud

Hi @here
I would like to use swift storage as a backend of Owncloud but I don't find how to declare it. I just create the container

Hi again,

I have found in the ownCloud docs that swift with ownCloud is an enterprise feature:

I have edited the config.php file but the container is not accessible in owncloud...Thanks

Actually Swift is currently part of 10.0.x however it will be discontinued in favour of a concentration on the S3 protocol for object storage. As part of that the object storage module will be Open Source. Swift has several different flavours and just didn't get the needed pickup. Can you use S3?

I use Openstack Swift Container as back end

Perfect. That has an excellent S3 protocol interface build in! Would stronly recommend to use that. You can start with the object storage enterprise modul via the trial in the marketplace to see that it works. Would that work for you?

I did'nt use the object storage entreprise. do you think that's the cause of the storage dysfunction? Maybe it's come from the config.php file, no?

I did not manage to attached the container Openstack swift to my owncloudserver even if I have declared it into the config.php file. Do you how can I do?