User creation failing with 403 (POST <url>/settings/users/users 403)


Hello to all. I have an installation of owncloud 10.0.4 that has started throwing this error when creating a user. I tried to update to version 10.0.4 but the error remains the same.

I have another installation of owncloud, same version 10.0.4 which was not causing problems and even after the upgrade to 10.0.10 it is working perfectly.

I have nginx as a webserver and checked of the configurations differ but this is not the case. Seeking some help!

Thanks to all.


According Wikipedia:

HTTP 403 is returned when the client is not permitted access to the resource for some reason besides authentication.


Solved the issue. It seems that owncloud does not accept user names with 2 characters. They have to be from 3 upwards. I have reported the issue.



Well, this is a feature, rather than an issue. :wink:


Ok! Thanks. But there should be at least a warning for the user. Currently nothing is displayed and there are errors on console which could mislead a user. I’ve seen also another guy ask the same question.


You’re right, of course. In a perfect world, there would be a warning. OTOH, using a username with only two chars for accessing a cloud platform… but it’s up to you. :wink: