User data on separate hard disk

Hello gentleman
I'm trying to configure my company OC so that A SINGLE user can store his data on the 2^ system hard disk. I'm runnin OC server on debian 8 and I mounted the second hard diskl on /media/xxxxxxxxx
I read somewhere that I could use the EXTERNAL STORAGE plugin being logged as admin but I'm unable to uindestand HOW!
Thanks in advance tor your attention and patience

Could you read the following documentation and tell us what you don't understand there:

Which storage backend did you choose?

All done gentlemen! Thank to you both. The problem was that SAMBA CLIENT was non installed. Also if I didn't need it (I intended to set a local hard disk), that didn't let the WINDOWS MENU' to open.
Thanks again!

If you're referring to the smbclient binary here its recommended that you're using libsmbclient-php (php-smcblient) instead as explained in the first blue box here: