User_ldap quota


Hello! Enroll persistent errors in the log ""Warning:user_ldap: not suitable default quota found for user 6FADB00E-27F2-4C69-AFCE-40156D085FC8: []
This happened after updating owncloud c 9.0.8 to 9.0.9

The default quota is unlimited

Server configuration
"user_ldap" 0.8.0
Operating system: Ubuntu Server 15.10
Web server:Apache/2.4.12
Database:mariaDB 10.0.25
PHP version:PHP 5.6.11
ownCloud version (see ownCloud admin page): ownCloud 9.0.9 (stable)
Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install:
Special configuration (external storage - nas, external authentication- ldap, reverse proxy - no, server-side-encryption-no):


The changelog of 9.0.9 has the following entry:

[major] Fix quota behavior inconsistencies with LDAP quota - core/#27420

Maybe you can find some information about the changes done at that or some other issues linked within it.


As this is now marked as solved have you found the needed info there?