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I have fast question about users limit. Need create 8 account for users so i need to buy enterprise or standard licence ? On main page/pricing see community is only for 1 user but on FAQ read owncloud doesnt have user limit.
I dont need Enterprise plugins or premium helpdesk.

Could you link to the page where that information is? Just in case ownCloud should re-check the information.

As far as I know, the on-premise community package is free without any limitation. Note that you’ll have to install it on your server and manage it on your own. You can download it from Download Server Packages - ownCloud

Furthermore, you have “owncloud online”, which is a service more close to what dropbox is. In this case, the server is administered by ownCloud, so you don’t need to install anything. This is a paid service as shown in Start now with ownCloud

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on main page
0$ yest but from 1 user

from here my question

Ok, found it. It isn’t “for” 1 user, but “from” 1 user, meaning you can choose that tier if you have at least 1 user. In comparison, if you choose the standard subscription, you’d need to pay for at least 25 users even if you have only 8.
I guess a sales person could explain this better than me.

In any case, for you particular case, the community one is free without any particular limitation. You can have as many as users as you want.

As said, you’ll have to manage your own installation on your own, including system updates, dependencies, backups, etc. You (or the one administering the server) are expected to have linux knowledge
If that’s too much for you, you might have a look at ownCloud online (as said, paid service)

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