User login audit


We're running oC version, which uses multiple Active Directories for user authentication.
Wondering if anyone can tell me how I can find the last login time of the users? I don't seem to
be able to find the info from the web interface, nor can I find it in any of the database tables.

Thanks in advance

This version is highly outdated [1] and was releases more then 2 1/2 years ago. Please don't run such outdated version on productive environments as this contains tons of known bugs [1] and public security vulnerabilities [2]. Personally i would instantly shut down this instance.

To answer the question itself:

Recent ownCloud versions (see [3], login: admin/admin, enable last login at the cogwheel at the bottom left) are showing the last login time in the user page and are saving those last login time somewhere in the database.




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Thanks very much. [3] really helps.
Yeh, I'm aware that this version has a lot of vulnerabilities and so have been attempting to upgrade it to the latest but bumped into problems. So at the moment is also considering if it's feasible to just build a new server and do a user migration, hence the reason to try to find user's last access. I have made a separate post regarding the upgrade problems. Thanks again.