User moved to diff OU - No access to OwnCloud

Second created topic. I have an issue that hopefully someone has some insight on:

My own user was moved to a different OU that was not listed in the Base User Tree in advanced directory settings for LDAP. Since then, I have not been able to log in. I would receive an error that my password was incorrect.

To try and rectify the issue, I placed myself back into the original OU I was in. Now I receive a different error - “User disabled.” I am enabled to use OwnCloud - I can verify the settings for my username when clicking on “verify settings” yet I’m still disabled. I can still access UCS domain and system settings with the same username though.

Does something get messed up in the process of moving users in different OUs? Perhaps with the database?

I suspect user:sync disabled your account while you were in the other OU.

Basically = Only those users/groups/OU are allowed to log in which are selected in the LDAP settings of ownCloud.
Now you move a User account to a group/OU that is not part of the allowed ones.
User:sync comes in and disables/removes all the user accounts who are not allowed to log in or access ownCloud.

Have you tried to enable your user account with the occ command?

What would be the command to do that to enable my user account? Also, is there a command to resync with AD so it can find where my user is located since it’s been moved to a different OU.

I’ve changed the LDAP settings / filter so it is looking to the OU I am located in now.