User Privileges

Hi everyone.
I wanted to ask for information.
Is there the possibility in owncloud to limit a user?
I mean, I want to make it so that a user can upload and download files to owncloud but prevent him from changing a folder structure.

Thank you

Guest app is for shared links and that’s not my case. Thank you

please help me. Thank you

By default I’d say it isn’t possible to limit a user. ownCloud gives the user his own space, so it also doesn’t make sense to limit his possibilities.

However, you can try using the external storage app. The user could access to that external storage with his own account, and it will be the external storage itself the one limiting his access.
This requires additional setup in the external storage (you’ll likely need to setup different accounts for each user) as well as in ownCloud (to be able to connect with different accounts).
Note that the user can still access to his personal space and do there what he wants.

There could be other solutions, but I’d rather not to go through non-standard procedures: it will be difficult to maintain and easy to break, and in addition, since the setup isn’t standard, it could cause issues in the long run.

Using shares might have a more fine-grained permissions, if you want to explore that option.

The basic idea is to use a service account in ownCloud (any account is valid) to hold the files and share the top directory with all the users. I’m not sure if this will fit for you.

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