Useraccounts are getting deleted without any logging

Last 2 weeks we had 2 different useraccounts which were deleted , nothing was found in the logging and all data was removed from the owncloud server. We have created the users again with a different emailaddress and yesterday both account were deleted once again.

No action was taken from our side to delete them , no logging of the deletion of the account.
This makes the system unreliable to work with..

someone had the same issue?


Can you tell me a bit more about the accounts that being deleted and about your system?

The account were manually created with the OCC command , no Ldap sync.

the server is running version 10.0.1 and clients are running the latest version.

Suddenly the users are prompted to input username and password again (or on sync client or on webportal) . and after checking the account is was deleted..

Have you tried to set the log level to 0 and see if something pops up?

Maybe it helps to use a non-outdated version like 10.0.3/10.0.4?