Users can not log in

I am still new to this system. I am unable to login as a user, only as an administrator.

I am working to create some users to be able to log in and get access to the folders I create for them. I create the users (with a password) and give them a group (I have even tried adding a user to the Administrator group). I then create a folder and make it sharable with that user. I click at the top right to the the private link and get the url, copy it and paste it into another browser window. I get the login screen and enter the username and password. Then I get the annoying shake and message indicating “Wrong password.” The username and password ARE correct. I can log in as the administrator, but not as any users. What am I doing wrong?


Have you tried to open a new browser and login on the base url?

Yes. Although Im not sure what you mean by the base URL. But I have tried different browsers on the same computer as well as other systems on the network with the private link. I get to the login screen but it always indicates it’s the wrong password or similar unless I log in with the admin account.

Base URL is where Owncloud comes up with login screen.
Maybe you remember a wrong password. Try to set a new one for this user.

You can also try to set email from commandline
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/owncloud/occ user:modify email and then in front end enter the user name and type in your wrong password. Owncloud asks you if you want to reset your password and if yes Owncloud will send you an email with a link. Thus you can redefine a users password.

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How do you do that?
Because there are two ways to do this in the interface:

  1. You create the user with an email address and change the password once the user has been created, by clicking on the edit pen in the password column.
  2. On the ‘User’ page, you click on the ‘Settings’ at the bottom left and enable the checkbox
  • Set password for new users
    Then you can create a user directly with a password, but without an email address.

I am not sure though if option number one will only trigger a password reset email, that is being sent to the user.

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