Users can not login

Hi ,
I have recently installed owncloud , i created users , the problem is except administrator non of users can login to their page , when try to login the below message showing up , i changed password and tested it for 3 users

Wrong password. Reset it?

what should i do?

Thank you

What happens when you reset it? Have you a working E-Mail setup in admin page?

I set fake email for user , we have not create email in organization , does it need to set correct email to change password then test ? or i should do something else?

No sure, but I assume that the fake email is disturbing. Maybe ownCloud tries to email a confirmation link or so.

I would

  • Remove all fake emails
  • Set new passwords, to be sure
  • Retry login as user

As you said

  • i remove all fake emails

  • set new passwords

  • retry login as user

  • i even reset the server

I am confused and tired , what do you suggest?

Thank you

Stay tuned - I try to help with the information you supply. :grinning:

Thank you very much for your help

Still doesn’t work? For my understanding, you should try to describe more detailed how you set the users passwords. There must be something wrong with this, assuming no Caps-Lock or typo.

No doesn’t work. for test i set user password from 1 to 8 and change it from 8 to 1 i just use numeric password

Thank you for your help i understand the problem . i don’t know when i changed the password i must press enter . i just came out of the box :blush:

I appreciate your help


You can additionally reset the password over CLI:

occ user:resetpassword [USER]
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