Users home share as attribute from AD

Dear All,

I installed ownCloud 10.0.1 free version on Debian 3.16.43-2 and integrated it with our Active Directory and one of our Oracle NAS filer.
In OC I created an external storage with SMB/CIFS. This works fine if I leave the configuration parameter "remote subfolder" empty. But then the user has to go into the organisation unit sub-folder and than into his home share. This I want to avoid. Additional not all user or on the same filer. In our AD there is an attribute "homeDirectory" It has the form "\\servername\share\subfolder\username"
Is it possible to use this AD information ( without any modifications in AD ) so that the user can directly access his home share ?

I have seen several posting where people are speaking about a variable $user
I couldn't use this successfully. Is this variable available for the external storage configuration ? And how ? Especially if it's part of a string. In shell syntax like this: /path/to/${USER}.xdrive
The words "path" "to" and ".xdrive" are fix but "USER" is a variable.

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I'm using Ubuntu and this works for me

Host "servername or ip"

Share "share"

Remote subfolder "subfolder/$user"

(Don't need the double quotes)

Hello Hans-Mayer,

I have exactly the same problem.
Have you solved it since?

Thank you

Hello Dimitri,

No, not solved at all.
I gave up to use OC.
But if you should have a solution for this I would be still interested.

Kind regards