Users not restored after a

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Back up OCIS.
  2. Restore all files from the backup.

Expected Behavior

All users and their data should be backed up and restored successfully.

Actual Behavior

All users and data were backed up. However, upon restoration, only the admin user was present; other users were missing.

Server Configuration

  • Operating System: Raspberry OS Desktop (32 bit)
  • OCIS Version: 5.0.5
  • Web Client Version: 8.0.2

I’m working on restoring my Infinite Scale backup. I’ve followed the steps provided by the system, but it seems like other users are missing after the restore.

I’m assuming you use the internal IDP. Please correct me if that is wrong.

Did you backup the complete ocis folder? Including the idp and config folders?

Did you also check backup considerations docu? Backup Considerations

If the answer to all the question is yes: Could you run ocis backup consistency -p "path/to/storage/provider". Maybe something went wrong during the backup.