Using a dynamic ip instead of Static

I asked this a long time ago but never got it resolved.
I am using a static IP for ownCloud and want to save money be going to a dynamic IP.
Is using a service like DynDNS all I really to handle this? I already have a URL so that is not a problem.

I have always had a Static IP so I am not sure how that would work using an Dynamic IP.

I like thing simple.
Can you point me in the right direction?


i don’t think that a static vs. a dynamic IP is something which is relevant to the ownCloud development (the category you have posted in).

I’m not even sure if ownCloud cares about it’s own IP at all because i think the IP itself is handled by the web server running ownCloud.

1 Like Or synthetic records under google domains


There is no trouble running dyndns, I’m running with no-ip very well. don’t forget to register the new domain name to owncloud, if there are chages.


As @chacho mentioned, freedns works fine :slight_smile: I’ve been using it for a very long time… I even use SSL provided by Cerbot ( Let’s Encrypt ) for free and it all just works nicely…

So I’m fully encrypted for https and I have my own domain in use thanks to freedns… you just have to login to freedns every once in a while or they will shut you down, they always send out an email in advance with plenty of warning… login and you’re good to go… there are scripts for windows to update your DNS, scripts for Linux, mac… etc… for me, it’s a function built into my router.