Using Box as external storage

I have had success using gDrive as external storage, and that seems to be working well.

However, I’d like to use BOX as external storage as well, and my understanding is that we use WebDAV to do that. So my questions are this:

  • What’s the correct URL for BOX WebDAV? I’m using “

  • I currently have two-factor authentication set on my BOX account. Can I continue to use that with WebDAV? Seems like I might have to turn that off to connect via WebDAV. Can anybody confirm? Can I turn it back on after ownCloud is connected?

Thanks in advance,


A google search for webdav lead me to this result:

However, it looks like if they are putting WebDAV access out of order.

Basically, for any external service, have a look at their documentation, sure they point out, which endpoint to use.

Setting up the ownCloud External Storage for WebDAV is found in the admin manual: