Using OC Community Release in production


Quick question about stability and reliability. On my systems (servers, desktops, workstation, laptop) I'm running CentOS. I'm not about the latest and greatest, but I always prefer mature and stable software.

I understand that currently with OwnCloud, I can choose between the 9.0, the 9.1 and the 10.0 branch. The download page defaults to the 10.0.3 release, but I wonder if I should opt for 9.0.10, which has a little less features and is (maybe) more mature? And then stick to the production channel for updates?

Any thoughts?

Cheers from the sunny South of France.


Hi Niki,

9.0 will be end-of-life this month - see
With 9.1 you will be good until February next year.
But with 10.0 we go for a LTS until 2020.

Take care

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That's great news. Thanks!