Using Owncloud client like Box Sync for Linux

Steps to reproduce
1. Set up Box webdav as an external account
2. Put files on the local folder of the OC client

Expected behaviour
Upload all those files to my box account

Actual behaviour
Owncloud client crashes

Client configuration
Client version: Version 2.3.0rc1 (build 2237)
Client operating system: Lubuntu 16.04

Server configuration
ownCloud 8.2.3 (stable) from

ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log)
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I'm trying to use OC client as a Box Sync because there is not a version for Linux and i want to use those 50 gb free. I know I can use box webdav on my linux explorer but syncing that way is unreliable due to my poor internet connection and uploading big folders will cut the uploading. I want to use this app because it persists later even if my connection is down and restart the uploading when it comes.

I'm trying to backup a 4gb folder with over 10 thousands pics to my Box folder but OC client crashes. Uploading to a normal OC account works fine

I know what i'm doing is not ideal for OC client but any other suggestion will work, all i need is an app to upload to a Box account on linux

Hm, interesting use case. You have setup Box as WebDAV external storage on the ownCloud Server? I would recommend to try that with 9.1.4 ... but lets see ... are you saying that already when you put ONE file with 100k into this setup it crashes? Or are you trying the full 4GB with many files right away?
When you put files into the external webdav connection in the webfrontend, what happens?

8.2.3 is outdated, you should at least use

For such heavy file transfer, you should enable redis file locking and also review your database settings, this improves the upload speed considerably:

The segmantation fault is as well a very bad sign and you should check other logfiles that you don't have other issues as well.


I'm using an external provider How do i change server version?

It uploaded several video files wiith hundreds of MB and other small files to my box cloud but when it comes to the big folder with thousands of pics crashes

Oh, when i try to upload several small files says "forbidden". It uploaded two files.
I'm trying with a 200 MB file and is uploading but it takes a lot of time

Are you responsible for updating this instance or is this a hosting package where you get only access to ownCloud? If its the latter then switching provider is the way to go here.

8.2.3 contains multiple public known security vulnerabilities listed at [1]. This is nothing what should be running on a server available from the internet.


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