Using ownCloud with external file transfers


I would like to know if ownCloud allows, such as I think that I have read, force rescan, via crontab, of data directories and automatically, create the entries in the system when, for example, one use transfer a file using scp or ftp. In this case his home could be the same that the ownCloud target.

One of my goals using this tool is to get have a service that allows store files via web interface and WebDAV and also, transfer backups from other machines via FTP or SCP to user storage.

I hope your answers.

Thanks in advance.



ownCloud doesn't support transferring files via FTP or SCP. The two supported methods are:


However you can mount external storages like FTP or SCP into ownCloud via the "External Storage Support App" (see Some other possibilities are explained here:

Thanks for your answer. I'm going to consider this option.