Using the CLI to update a folder

When using the CLI on a windows machine, my script fails when an update is pending. When I run the script, which calls for the syncing of a folder, it will pop a window asking for authorization to do an update to the Owncloud client.

Anyone know how to prevent that from happening?

Expected behaviour

Tell us what should happen

Actual behaviour

When running the command line client, a window should never pop.

Steps to reproduce

  1. wait until the client is not the latest version anymore
  2. call a script that uses the command line client to update a folder

The script will hang while a window pops up waiting for confirmation to update the owncloud client.

Server configuration

Operating system: Windows 7/10 (Client side)

Web server: Debian

Database: MariaDB

PHP version: 7.3

ownCloud version: 10.5.0 Stable

Storage backend (external storage): N/A

Client configuration

Client version: 2.7.4

Operating system: Windows 10

You can add the --non-interactive parameter. Check the docs for more information:

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