Using time limited WiFi hotspot corrupts file syncing

Expected behaviour

I use about 9 different files while on a time-limited coffee shop WiFi hot spot. I expect the files to sync when on WiFi or wait for the the network connection to sync.

Actual behaviour

After the 1 hour of free WiFi, my Windows 10 notebook loses network connection, despite still having WiFi connection. When I return to a home network, these 9 files do not sync anymore. The are various errors from "downloaded file does not match the checksum" to "server version downloaded, local copy renamed".
I have to rename the files while connected to my home network to get them to sync again. The files are not corrupted as far as I can tell, but ownCloud stops trying to sync them.
This seems to happen on timed connections and on poor connections, like a train (20 minutes connection, then 10 minutes none).

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to coffee shop with time limited WiFi hotspot
  2. Open and save files, both while connected to internet and after the 1 hour has expired
  3. Files used no longer sync. Files have to be renamed while connected to local network to get syncing to work again.

Server configuration

Operating system:

Web server: university provided ownCloud


PHP version:

ownCloud version:

Storage backend (external storage):

Client configuration

Client version: 2.4.0 build 8894

Operating system: Windows 10

OS language: English

Installation path of client:


I guess that I will need to log it the next time I am at the coffee shop.

Hey @sbinwien thanks for reporting! Indeed, flaky connections can make the life of the client more difficult. We try to improve this aspect in every release.

Which is your uni's ownCloud version? You might find it by appending /status.php to the URL you use to access from the browser; e.g. from

  "installed": "true",
  "maintenance": "false",
  "needsDbUpgrade": "false",
  "version": "",
  "versionstring": "10.0.3",
  "edition": "Community",
  "productname": "ownCloud"

Asking because there could be problems with the checksum algorithms used in older versions with newer clients that went off our radar.

And of course, client logs from the whole sync session (from the moment you're working normally with your files on the coffee shop's WiFi, the connection drops and later catches up with the server spitting all those errors) can help us determine what the actual cause and work on a fix if necessary.


Thanks a lot for the feedback. I will follow your instructions and log the next coffee shop session.

Here is the ownCloud server information:
installed "true"
maintenance "false"
needsDbUpgrade "false"
version ""
versionstring "10.0.3"
edition "Enterprise"
productname "ownCloud ######"

These seem to be the same settings as in your reply.

Thanks for the help.

@sbinwien Are you accessing the server with a http:// or https:// URL?