Using WHM or Cpanel to backup to owncloud destination



I'm afraid I may not know enough to ask this intelligently but,

I have access to WHM (running CentOS 6) and Cpanel. My goal is to configure a remote backup to a large 1TB owncloud destination. My first attempt was to use the Webdav component of WHM Backup configuration, but I've discovered my the Webdav method to access my owncloud destination has a maximum 4GB file limit and my backup is between 10GB and 30GB, thus the transfer fails.

If I run through the CentOS desktop application installation should there be a GUI interface I can use after its installed?

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If so how/where do I find this?

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If not, and I need to configure this via command line, what are the commands to set the destination and a time sync?

Thanks in advance


You don't have the resources to do larger uploads? Did you try the tips here:


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