vCard version 2.1 import in owncloud 10


I'm currently running owncloud 10.0.6. I just successfully synced my calendar with the cloud. Now I wanted to do the same for my contacts. On this topic a quite tricky issue evolved.
I already exported my current contacts with different apps on my smart phone. When I select all those files in my owncloud server it rejects to import the .vcf files stating that only version 3 or 4 vCards can be imported. All the apps I tried export to vCard version 2.1.

Do you know an Android app that exports to version 3 or 4? Or do you know a tool that converts vCards from version 2.1 to 3 or 4? Or is it somehw possible to make owncloud import version 2.1?

Thanks for your help!

At the end I manually converted the vCard file. Basically, this meant changing the VERSION parameter of each vCard from 2.1. to 3.0 and a insertion of TYPE for some parameters. See:

Did you try the contacts app?

Yes, that is the app I tried. But it only accepts vCards version 3.0 or 4.0. Most mobile phone apps are still exporting into version 2.1. But at the end it was not too much work to convert everything manually.

For all who have also this problem, this vcard2to3 script might be helpful.

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if you already have thunderbird try the cardbook extension - it can import and export all vcard versions…
so you can also use it to convert between them…
(and syncing with owncloud also works nicely :wink: )