.VCF not synced - Error on Client Sync

Expected behaviour

I have a client with many documents and the user have some xxx.vcf Cards in the files... And when Owncloud start the sync stops every time when the client found a vcf file.

Actual behaviour

every time. I must log in and delete the file before the sync starts again.

Steps to reproduce

Server configuration

Operating system: Ubuntu

Web server:

Database: Mysyql

PHP version: 7.02

ownCloud version:10.0.6

Storage backend (external storage):

Client configuration

Client version:2,40

Operating system: OSX

OS language: German

Please upload a .vcf and sync with your Mac... it will be stops.

Hey, @tomtim007 thanks for reporting! Weird; this should be fixed on your ownCloud version after the fix for:

... was backported to the stable10 branch: https://github.com/owncloud/core/pull/30149.

Could you create and post here a dummy .vcf file to try to reproduce in my setup? It might be a different issue/regression.

an empty vcf File is no problem... and on my computer is in the root folder no problem... But an a other is it a problem. The Contact App is enabled... I think the vcfs are in a bad format. I delete this files...

@tomtim007 just out of curiosity; how did you generate those files? Did you use the contact app itself? Both ownCloud and the app should be able to work out just fine and one should not feed the other with bad-formatted data.

If you have a contact file you can publish here or the server logs, that could help us troubleshoot what's going on.


I have one of the bad vcf. Can I sent it to anybody ? Not here in the forum. Like as Email.