Version Windows Client problem (Virtual filesystem does not support drive as sync)

Hi, just tried to install version on my Windows server 2019 and I can no longer sync to a folder I had setup on another disk (D:\owncloud).
When I try to resync it returns error that the virtual filesystem does not support drive as sync and it doesn’t let me sync unless I chose a different folder. It was working perfectly before and now with the new version it stopped responding, I tried to reinstall only to find out that error.
I had to revert to version 2.7.6 to get it working again.
Any suggestion on why am I getting this error if it was working perfectly before?

I am using Windows 2019 standard 64 bit client and I am saving the owncloud on my D drive inside a folder called owncloud.
Let me know.


This is a bug. Please open issue on
Issues · owncloud/client · GitHub

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