Version control within shared folder

Hi there!

I'm sharing a folder via a password protected public link, on OC 9.1.3.
Logged in as the user, sharing the folder, I can use the version control system to easily change between different versions of a special file.
If one uses the public link, one can download all files, but it lacks the version control feature.

Is there a way to add version control to the publicly available link?


This probably needs to be implemented by some one (you?) as you can see that the functionality is not provided and there is no configuration option available in ownCloud to enable this for public links / shares.

Ok, i thought this might be a feature i have not found yet :slight_smile:

Sadly i do not know enough about OC's structure to add a functionality like that and atm my time is very limited, perhaps some other day!

Edit: If someone ever comes across this thread, having the same / similar question:
I created a "Feature request" issue at github:
Feature Request: Access to version control via public shared link #27163

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