Very Basic Noob Questions

I have a ReadyNAS Ultra-6 running RAIDiator 4.x and it is said that I can install OwnCloud on that box.

The Questions:

  • Will I be able to access files from my Android phone using a file manager like, for instance, X-Plore?

  • Is OwnCloud working over a VPN?

  • If so, can I use it with PersonalInternetAccess and the OpenVPN Android app?

  • If not, how does it maintain security?

  • If OwnCloud is freeware, what is the deal with charging five bucks or so for it ? Something about a ReadyNAS-specific version?

Yes, as long as they support connections to a WebDAV server

ownCloud is just a web application written in PHP so it will always work as long as you're able to reach the webserver serving ownCloud

What is

If is providing a specific version, it is possible they developed their own version of owncloud, so it runs on ReadyNAS. ownCloud currently only supports specific OSs, you can look at, they are for free of course.
You can try to install a linux on the NAS, not sure if this is possible - than you can just install the native ownCloud. Otherwise, 5$ aren't much for some software, I think I would take the offer.

The other possibility is that is a service provider - then they offer their ownCloud to users who don't want to setup their own. Doesn't sound like what you want; I don't know though, because their website is just blank for me. Where did you find that offer?