Video playback jerky

Issue on iPad pro 2018, with new iOS app.

When I try to play back videos hosted on owncloud (either from within the owncloud app, or from the built in file browser), the video is extremely jerky and skips multiple frames at a time. The exact same video file played back from the iCloud works normally.

What is the difference between the two? Is there anything I can do about it? I specifically wanted to use owncloud so that I do not have to transfer my huge video repository to iCloud, so would love to fix this somehow.

Today we released a new TestFlight beta which uses the native iOS Video Player for media playback. This supports streaming too.
Please try this beta build, if your problems are gone with it. Would be great, if you can give use feedback, if everything is fine with this build or if you have the same problems.

Best regards,

P.S. To get our latest TestFlight beta, please visit this site on your iOS device:

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Hi Matthias,

thanks for the feedback, happy to hear that you are working on this issue.

Unfortunately, with the test version I just downloaded (1.0.2 (125)), the videos are still stuttering just the same as before. Is there a way for me to check whether it is indeed the native player that is used or some other one?