View (and not download) public shared files



I have a public file that I want to link to, but it downloads the file to my computer, instead of display it in-broswer.
As far as I know, it not about my broswer settings, as I can view files from other sites in-browser.

An example:

How can I make it viewable in-browser?




newer versions of oC are always sending a X-Download-Options: noopen header which means that files are always downloaded instead of shown.

Short hint to your install: Seems you're running oC 9.0.2 which is outdated. Before reporting any issues in the future please also update to at least 9.0.5:


First of all - thanks, I asked the IT to upgrade.
So now I have the address

Is there any way to make it show in browser? any kind of a bypass for this header?



You can either dig through the source code of oC and remove the part where this header is set or enable the files_pdfviewer App which should also show pdf files shared by link.

Edit Btw your link also contains the word "download" so you have chosen the wrong link


works for me and is showing the pdf in the browser


I've tried to find another link, with no success, so came to ask here.
I know I got the download - it's from the download button. But I couldn't find any other link (that can be shared without username&password.

About the built-in oC viewer - you're absolutely right, but there's a reason I need to have the original file name -
I wan't to be able to follow the original file, link to it with an alias to the beginning of the path (such as my own domain, as 'clean' as I can get) - so I need the end of the address to show the original filename.

I hope I can find a way, otherwise, I'll stick with the download option.

Thanks for all your help!