View files only , no downloads

Dear Development

i request something unusual from user
one of the user ask if its possible to give permission to view files only , not download , not printing , no editting
is it possible to program it ?

As far as I understood, the user only will see the list of the files, right?

list and view the content in files
inside *.docx , pdf , xlxs , pptp .

if a user can read a file (pdf, docx), he can also print and download. Reading, downloading, printing are same requests. However, you can write an app to allow a user to only read files on determined formats(*.docx , pdf , xlxs , pptp).

i want to show you somthing
please follow the link


AFAIK as long as you’re showing something in a browser its technically not possible to prevent downloading that information as it will always be cached within the browser.

how google did Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers ?


you can hide such things (how is probably something you need to ask google) for the non-technical users. But if some one wants to get the file he will definitely get it, even if you trying to hide the possibility. :slight_smile:

Just to name an example, YouTube has disabled / blocked the download of videos but you still can use browser extensions like the following to download those Videos:

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Nobody says it’s impossible, it just cannot be done with current resources of ownCloud.

With small javascript hacks, you can hide the download button and make harder to get the file. But like @tom42 said, if someone wants to get the file he will definitely find a way to get it.


But user- or goup-dependant? Should work only for a particular user.

IMHO, you can manage it in the app. Hold read-only accounts in a table. Load your javascript file, if the logged-in user in the read-only accounts.


ok , i will try and look into