View People Involve on Shared Files/Folder

Hi everyone, I have a group of about 40 people from a department that are currently using Dropbox to collaborate but I want to move them to ownCloud, but there is a feature in Dropbox that is a deal-breaker for them. They want to be able to view People Involve on Shared folders regardless who owns the folder.

In Dropbox everyone shows up as "members" in shared folders regardless of who added the user to folder. I'm currently using ownCloud 9.1 and I only can see "Shared with you by xxx" or users I'm sharing a folder with, but nothing beyond that. there was an issue submitted regarding this to Github about a year ago, but I couldn't find a resolution on the thread.

Please let me know if this is something I can enable on the server. I'm willing to hire someone to develop this feature in our owncloud instance if its not already built-in into ownCloud.

Thank you!

Puh, that is a tough one. Honestly I fear from a privacy standpoint most people in our user community would hate this "feature". We therefor show only to the owner of the file/folder all shares with oC Users which do exist.
I fear somebody will need to build an app for that, it would not be too complex and if you find somebody to do it, we are happy to help somewhat and then it should be released on the marketplace. Ideally it should be possible to restrict it to certain groups only. @pmaier1

I see this discussion so I’ll join as I’m also missing this feature.

In my opinion when I’m file / folder owner and I enabled resharing I want to see all who’ve been reshared to with rights given to each person/file/folder.
All people should see all “members” having access to file without visibility of given permissions. It’s just not to share to the same people twice the same file/folder and make communication much easier.

If we want to take care about privacy maybe we should consider to add an option when sharing “publicly visible”. When checked (by default) person who you share file/folder to will be visible as person having access to file/folder. If unchecked, nobody excepting owner can see this person as shared with. This option “publicly visible” should be available only for file/folder owner. Re-sharing should always be publicly visible.

Thanks for this discussion anyway :slight_smile:

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is been this feature develope?