VirtualBox appliance of ownCloud, where is config.php to correct insecure browser error?


I am pretty new to this but working to learn it as fast as I can.

I have ownCloud loaded up and working on VirtualBox (imported as an appliance) and it works well, all in all. However, local and WAN attempts to contact it get the common error of not being a secure site. I see several tutorials showing how to fix this by editing the config.php file in a particular folder. However, that folder nor that file seem to exist on the VirtualBox instance of ownCloud. I have even done a search within it to sere if I can find it and I can’t seem to locate it.

Where is that file located (if it even exists) or where should it be, or is there another way I need to fix this issue when running ownCloud on VirtualBox?



it seems the appliance configuration is available here:

where i found the following information about the config location in

ownCloud’s config directory, containing config.php: