VMware appliance works... and then doesnt

clean install of VMware owncloud appliance version 10.0.10. after install I can access from anywhere on my network as well as outside my network. however, after running an update on the server using the web interface, I can no longer access the appliance via the browser. the appliance starts and lists the website and IP in which I can access it but I cannot access the web interface at all. not even on the host computer, ping comes back with nothing and my router reports the IP I assigned to the owncloud server is not connected…

I have reinstalled the owncloud appliance once already and I’ve gotten the exact same result, it works for awhile but then loses connectivity. and im somewhat sure its related to running the update but I could be wrong.

I’m a complete noob to owncloud and server software in general. I’m not sure how to even access log files on this thing. let alone troubleshoot it.

any help is appreciated.


ownCloud inside the appliance is updated via the update process of univention.

If you update via the web updater you will get errors.

Please read our documentation:


thank you! I re-installed and will ignore the web based update option and see what happens.


from what i know the appliance is based on the UCS and ownCloud is “just” provided as an UCS app within the appliance. If your issues are occurring again maybe it could also make sense to consult the https://help.univention.com/ support.