VPS with cPanel

I have a VPS with cPanel on it. I ran the terminal commands to install owncloud, now what? where is it, how do i set it up under any particular account?

what instructions were you following?

these are the official ones:



I used the commands on this page:


There seem to be various install options, is there another one I should have done? I have no idea where owncloud has been installed or if it has simply had the install files transferred to my sever.

Okay, what you installed is the owncloud-files package.

This is just the code of ownCloud. ownCloud requires a Database, PHP and a web Server to run. This is known as a LAMP Stack. Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP. You need the LAMP to be there for ownCloud to work.

owncloud-files provides just the ownCloud code.

please read this if you want to continue with the package installation:


I would recommend you to install ownCloud manually via this:


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