Web access no longer available after emptying tmp folder

I had an incident where OwnCloud was filling up my servers /tmp folder to the extent that the server disk space was full and the server went offline. It added 30GB of data to that folder. My hosting company fixed it by deleting contents of the /tmp folder. The server is back online, but OwnCloud is no longer accessible over the web.

When I go to the login URL the page displays:

printPage(); exit; } // @codeCoverageIgnoreEnd ?>
t(‘File not found’)); ?>
t(‘The specified document has not been found on the server.’)); ?>

t(‘You can click here to return to %s.’, [$theme->getName()])); ?>

I guess this means some important files were lost when they emptied the tmp folder? does anyone know what I need to replace?

Thanks in advance

Well, my best guess is that your friends at the hosting company deleted some more stuff. It’s difficult or impossible to tell whats up here, due to the lack of detailed information.

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