Web surface file/folder drag and drop confirmation

I often see people who move folders and files in the web surface by accident. Is it possible to make an alert which asks for confirmation of the move?

Drag and drop to the webinterface is a wanted feature. For regular users, it would be very annoying to click a confirmation every time.

How do you drop a file in the webinterface by accident? Perhaps the area for file-drops could be reduced to avoid such misunderstandings.

People on touch devices or laptops sometimes take files or folders by accident and move them somewhere else within the webinterface. If you have many users, you get messed up your whole file/folder structure sooner or later which is very annoying because files are not where you expect them.

There could be a switch in the admin surface which sais ask for confirmation when doing drag&drop in the web UI or not.

Its pretty serious if you have subfolders with limited permissions for others and somenone moves a file there by accident without even noticing about it …

If not, is there a way I can manually deactivate the feature?

There is no such option to disable this in ownCloud.