Webcron not showing status anymore -

before the latest version - the webcron always showed a status like “success” etc. now its just an empty array -> [] <- is it working well or a but?
Do you planed to show any status again?
BR Martin

The cron.php webcron is slowly being deprecated with the latest ownCloud release:
Did you already change your webcron to the new route?
Where do you expect to see the status? In ownCloud or do you have some other webcron interface?

thanks for your answer.
yes I’M usining http://ssb-handelsagentur.de/index.php/cron instead of cron.php.
Before it always said “success”…now nothing, so I’m not sure if its working or not.
Also before with this status I could add some rules for the different status.

In which interface did it use to say “success”?
Are you using a webcron interface or do you have it setup in your own server?
I can access the URL you posted and I get HTTP status code 200 which stands for success.

I have the same issue. Webcron in new format returns empty array. Its just [] where it was [success] before.

What can I do?

Hi, are you expecting a “Success” message in the ownCloud interface, or somewhere else?
Ok I just had a look at the JSON response on ownCloud 10.2.1 and 10.3.0

This is what it looks like on 10.3.0:

 curl -k https://localhost/index.php/cron
{"data":{"message":"Background jobs are using system cron!"}}

And this is what it looks like on 10.2.1

curl -k https://localhost/cron.php
{"data":{"message":"Backgroundjobs are using system cron!"},"status":"error"}

So for some reason the status isn’t in the response of the version 10.3.0
I will dig a little deeper and try to find out where this change comes from, and why it is necessary (or not).

in your case you used the system instead of webcron…but result is more or less the same.
Necessary for us - because we checking the status via monitoring. If it’s not “success” I would get an message - that something is wrong.

Looking forward to your response.


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Same here. We’re filtering success and all other messages will be sent as an eMail.

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maybe you can do a posting in https://central.owncloud.org/c/meta explaining why you have chosen the “Server-Apps” category which is about additional apps installed on your ownCloud for a problem with the ownCloud server? I think this could help the ownCloud team to improve the forums category description so that the correct categories are chosen.

For the problem itself i think its better to create a new issue at https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues so that the ownCloud team gets noticed about your problem with this changed behavior.

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