WebDAV ownCloud 10.0

i installed on debian 9 owncloud 10 but when i try connect webdav i receive a error .
i need enable this ?

Mind sharing more information on the error?

if i try with windows add resource i receive …

the folder entered is not valid

if i try with command line

Errore di sistema 67.

Impossibile trovare il nome della rete.

If you still have trouble connecting to your WebDAV directory, you may have to update the Basic Authentication Level in the registry. View the following page for further information on how to access the registry:

Windows registry
To change the Basic Authentication Level:

Locate the following directory:
Locate value BasicAuthLevel.
The Value data box should be set to 2.
If the value is not 2, right click it and then select ‘Modify’.
Change it to 2.