Webdav - Password required multiple times

Expected behaviour

Using native windows webdav in the Explorer (yes, we are a regular consulting company, we use only standard Microsoft tools) we connent to ownCloud. I mount the ownCloud as Drive X: I expect to open all files from that moment on without having to renter my password. I expect the drive / ownCloud to remain mounted after restart.

Actual behaviour

Even if i click “save password” every time I access a file I am asked to reenter my password. Actually it is just the dialogue box that opens with my credentials already in there. I just have to confirm. But: when opening Microsoft files this happens multiple times - I have to confirm my passwort 3-5 times before the file opens. After restart the drive is mounted - but I cannot access it. I have to re-mount.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Mount drive via explorer or windows command line (both tested)
  2. Open file

Server configuration

ownCloud version: 10.7.0, SaaS Solution, I am a user, no clue of the server

Client configuration

Operating system: Windows 10, Build 18363

This was just flagged as “off-topic” - but I wonder where I could find answers to the question if not here. I looked to this question in the forum and did not find any other source.

Sorry, my hope was, moderators can move to “Server” category to get attention from the correct experts. “Desktop” category is used for the native Desktop Sync Client, what is not your problem here. I’ll try to ping moderators again.

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