Webdav - Resource temporarily unavailable upon deletion of files and folders

We recently upgraded to Owncloud version 10.8.0 (stable). After this upgrade we have been having issues with our webdav mounts. For example, whenever we want to remove a folder and contents (rm -rf) it takes very long and we get some random “rm: cannot remove : Resource temporarily unavailable”. Sometimes not all of the files or even the folder are not removed.

Any ideas? What should I be looking at? lol

Ok, I’ll keep answering to myself. Issue seems related to the database performance, not webdav. A simple query on the oc_filecache table takes 29 seconds to finish:
mysql> select * from oc_filecache where path_hash=‘c9f43f8e567b648446d57845f51fe3c2’;
1 row in set (22.69 sec)

I also use Nextcloud and it includes an index checker for tables (point for nextcloud): occ db:add-missing-indices

Does owncloud include a similar tool?

Self update! Lol
At the end all this webdav nonsense was related to a poor DB performance. Innodb tables were fragmented and mysql needed some optimization.

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