Webdav windows 7 active directory authentication


We have owncloud installed on an Ubuntu server with active directory authentication configured and working. The problem is the webdav in windows 7, we can not map because after authentication gives error. I did what is in the following link and nothing works:


I then installed a webdav client, Cyberduck, and the authentication works. Is there a problem with the windows 7 webdav client? With linux clients everything works.


Yes. WebDAV in Windows 7 is essentially broken. Newer Windows Versions work perfectly fine. Just tested Windows 10 myself last weekend ...

With AD aythentication?? Http or Https?

HTTPS. Not sure what AD auth means in this context and I don't have one to test it at home ... please report your findings!

Active Directory, i configured ldap settings to authenticate with active directory accounts. Using browser it works perfectly but mapping a network drive doesn´t work. I get the following message:

A device attached to the system is not functioning

Likely you need to look around on the Microsoft side. Example: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/912152/you-cannot-access-a-webdav-web-folder-from-a-windows-based-client-computer there are many more out their with this error message. And are you sure you are using Windows 10 now?

Not working with windows 7 and is working with windows 10.