Webhost with most memory for PHP



Hi I'm currently running owncloud on one.com. I am however running into memory limitations from PHP.

I have to work with large video files, most of them +1GB sometimes +5GB or more.

Right now the uploads fail on this server even when I set the memory limit in .htaccess and php.ini to a large number.

When I ssh into the server and i check the php info I see this:
memory_limit => 128M => 128M

(But I can upload files of 500MB)

There is no php5 directory on the server, so I think they locked this down? When I try to open the default file location:
edit /etc/php5/php.ini

I get this:
Error: no write permission for file "/etc/php5/php.ini"

Can anyone recommend a better webhost? One.com gives 200GB but this is quite useless because I can't fill it up...



It's not only the script memory, there are also script runtime limits and connection timeouts for the database. You can checkout the hosting section here. If you really go for performance and intensive use, you should consider using your own environment (vserver or dedicated server).