What are Server-Apps?

I think we should remove the Server-Apps category, because people get confused by it and post in there instead of the server category. What are server apps? Why not call it Apps? and The Apps we already have in iOS and Android. If the question is really app related, which I rarely seen one, it’s still on the server, which would place it in the server category.

@eneubauer @tom42 @cortho what do you think?


Sounds like a good idea. The less categories we have the more we have the chance users will choose the correct one.

Plus: for a user it is sometimes hard to tell whether an issue comes from an app or the server software itself.

Unforunately this will not help with users who are immune to categories and/or issue templates at all.

Edit: @cs35 you’d like to share your opinion too?


Hello everyone,

thanks for adding me @cortho, I share this opinion too. I’m more concerned about people not filling in the template though. But that’s an other story :wink:

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this sounds to me like a good idea. Especially with users somethimes posting non-mobile App related questions in the mobile App category or the other way around or with this:

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removed the server-apps category. Had to move the topics somewhere, so I moved them into server category.

Thank you all for your feedback