What are the storage limits?

Hi, I’m just curious what the storage limits are. Nothing was given in the web site. I’m sure there IS a limit, as I just don’t know how it’s possible to offer free storage and service without some storage cap.

More power to you guys if thats possible.


I think you are misunderstanding what ownCloud is offering.

ownCloud is not a hosting service, it is firstly a web interface to your ([private] cloud) data and secondly an automated upload tool of your data into the interface. Additionally this web interface offers a lot of collaborative features and can be integrated into a lot of different environments.

ownCloud itself is not the limiting factor on how much you can store, your storage is (or the wallet with which you have to pay for it).

If you can still find a hosting company offering plans with “unlimited storage”, you could install ownCloud and start uploading in there until you find out how “unlimited” the plan really is. I can tell you right now, that none of them really are.

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