What are you most interested in about ownCloud? Chat with the developers!


if you are active on social media, you probably heard of our weekly ownCloud jitsi meetup. Each thursday, we met for an hour to discuss ownCloud topics in voice chat. Until now it has been more of an informal meeting, where we chatted about different stuff.

In the future we want to make this more focused - precise topics, which we maybe prepare a bit, where people can learn something. Getting to know others in the ownCloud Community. Kicking off ideas for new ownCloud apps, to make the ownCloud universe a bit richer in features and functionalities. And probably we will only meet monthly and announce it better, so everyone interested can plan to be there.

That’s why I want to ask you - what topics are you interested in? Do you want to learn more about the core architecture? Do you want to talk about possible new apps? About what’s going on in the ownCloud universe, cool open source events, interesting new initiatives? What other cool software could be integrated into ownCloud?

And last but not least, when do you have time for this, weekends, afternoons, during your boring day job, and in which time zone?

curious about your answers and suggestions!

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@lefherz Maybe we can pin this topic to the top to be seen by everyone.

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sounds good :slight_smile: for a start, when do you have time, Semih? and what would you want to talk about at the meetup?

I can not offer a specific time and already joined you some of the meetups, I will try to join again of course. Let's somebody else answers to these questions.:wink:

It's a great product. We store files here

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