What happens when I move a folder that's shared with me out of the "Shared" folder

Hi all, I’m new here, so I am not entirely sure whether this is the right category for my question. Anyway I’ve been trying to figure this out but haven’t been able to find an answer. So here’s my issue: when other users share a folder (let’s call it Folder X to avoid confusion) with me, it shows up in my “Shared” folder. However, I prefer to not have people put stuff on my local computer without my explicit permission, so by default I don’t sync the Shared folder locally. Instead, when I notified of a new share, I move Folder X out of “Shared” using the web interface and into a locally synced folder.

So my question is: what is supposed to happen to Folder X after I move it out of Shared? My local IT department claims that in that case, Folder X is no longer shared with me and that if I have deletion permission on the folder, it will also be deleted from the owner’s account. Is this true?

You should be able to move or rename the received folder. It’s content is still shared with you. Only if you move inside another shared folder, it could cause problems.

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