What is the default login on a Virtual image


I've downloaded a virtual server image from


and its booted.

However, I cannot find anywhere that tells me what the default login is :frowning:

Anyone help me?
Need to login as root to find the ip.. and what is the default port/login on the virtual image to be able to login and start the config fun

Thanks in advance.. but I have looked everywhere and found nothing.

Try reinstalling the virtual image. Last time I checked, there was info during the installation, so you can set the admin credentials from there.

Hi hsingh

The admin-credentials are appended in the Readme_DE and Readme_EN files. Please tell us if you cannot find them there.
Thanks for posting.

Cheers David

I cannot find it i'm afraid


The VMWare zip... has no readme files.

I think the root user and the password was chosen by you during the installation of the UCS appliance. The default username and password of the WebGUI is shown at https://doc.owncloud.org/server/latest/admin_manual/appliance/installation.html#administer-the-appliance