What is the server address you put in when you first install owncloud?

Completely new to owncloud and finding it confusing. I work in a hospital so I dont have much experience but willing to learn. First question I have is when I install owncloud, I am prompted for a server address and have NO clue what that is supposed to be nor can I find anything about what it should be other than experienced people on the net who have downloaded additional programs to go along with owncloud where this value is filled in.

Could someone kindly let me know what is the value we put here and where do we get it?

My goal for owncloud is to use it to share files between me and colleagues. Can owncloud do this? By "this" I mean I want them to access my files as if it is their local C drive rather than emailing a link everyday with changes. I am using windows 10 and my collegues are scattered all around my city.

Thanks in advance for any help and thanks for the patience but I have found that unless you have a background in IT this isnt that simple.



from your posting (which has btw. too much text with too less information) it seems you have only installed the sync client. This is useless until you're also installing a server (see doc.owncloud.org).

Sorry...I have installed the server but the first thing that pops up in the wizard is to enter the Url as per here..


Where would I find what the url is to enter into the wizard?


Thats (obviously) the IP or URL of your server you have installed and where you have accessed oC via your browser the first time you did the oC server install.

How to find that out is something you need to know on your own. Running an ownCloud server needs at least basic network knowledge. Teaching those is far out of the scope of a support forum for a software.

I'm suggesting to read into those basics first before trying to run ownCloud.

Where did you install the owncloud server? On a webhosting package, on a virtual server, on a raspberry pi?

If it is only about a folder to be synced between collegues, btsync or syncthing are perhaps a better choice because they don't require a server.

I think this might be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GqZd3tXJrI

That is the most arrogant and unhelpful comment I have ever read.


That guy has just enough knowledge to be rude if that’s what he thinks is help… I hope he /it is not an instructor… you are not alone looking for answers

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